Tuesday, December 21, 2004


I love how this works.
  1. No cure for the common cold or the flu.
  2. There is a vaccination against most common strains of flu but it won't get rid of the most virulent ones, so...
  3. The weaker ones get eliminated, leaving no competition for food/fuel for the stronger ones
  4. The stronger viruses get stronger
  5. We still get sick anyway...
  6. And the drug companies make millions off us to treat the symptoms;
  7. And because the viruses are so virulent now, the government has to give research $ to the drug companies to find a cure.
The other one I love is:
  1. We can't afford to give you health insurance or sick pay.
  2. You get sick and cause you can't afford not to work, you go in.
  3. You get the others in your office sick.
  4. They can't afford not to work so they go in.
  5. They get you sick again.
  6. Meanwhile, efficiency is down 30% cutting down on profits.
  7. And *that* (lack of profits or the downturn of profits) is the reason they'll cite for not giving you health insurance, sick pay OR a raise.
As I think of more, I'll post.

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