Thursday, December 09, 2004

Liberal Pansies

I just read an editorial by Peter Beinart in the Washington Post, basically saying that liberals have taken the anti-war stance too far and that we are not concerned with national security when the rest of America is and that's part of the reason ol' Dickbush is in the Oval Office.


I am a liberal. While I believe National Security to be important, I DO NOT SEE ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS AS THE ENEMY. I SEE GREED AS THE ENEMY.

Islamic extremists are reacting to OUR POLICIES. Our policies that basically tell the rest of the world, fuck off cause America's Truckin' On, regardless of whether it's green house effects, taking away from Islamic nations to pay off thugs we had take over some other countries and THAT KIND OF STUFF.

If we take on a more inclusive attitude towards the world, INSTEAD of changing the rules everytime someone else starts to build something that isn't part of our expansionist capitalistic goals, PERHAPS people won't be so pissed off at us.

What are our policies? Well, politicians learned really early that if they throw in a lot of four-syllable words, talk fast, and about boring shit, the world tunes out. Their constituents tune out. and HEY, what do you know? Instant cache to do whatever the hell you want.

Yes, I believe that there ARE people out there who are making it their LIFEGOALs to make sure some Americans go down with them. I ALSO believe that most of the people in our government don't care about until election time or the evening prime-time spot.

Going after Islamic Extremists will only treat the symptoms but perhaps even exacerbate the problem. Changing our policies might actually cure this fury over what we've done.

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You're obviously a moron and a pansy!

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At 10:48 PM, Blogger Raj said...

A windbag


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