Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Dissed, No Matter Which Way We Turn

So, I'm reading Americablog and come across this entry about a Bush medal winner who calls AIDS a deathstyle. I'm not going to explain it, just read it and come back.

Then it hits me. Neither John Aravosis, a gay man, nor the bigot he writes about, think of lesbians as gays. The headline of this entry reads 'Bush award winner calls homosexuality a "deathstyle"'. So I read it expecting it to somehow apply to me, a homosexual female.

So now, I'm stuck with, do I get pissed off that there's people out there against homosexuals? OR DO I GET PISSED AT MY OWN FRIGGIN' COMMUNITY FOR FORGETTING I EXISTED????

I guess the caps tells me who I'm pissed at. This so reminds me of the 80's. Gay men everywhere thankful that lesbians were around to comfort them for to us, HOMOSEXUAL = BOTH SEXES. Homosexuals, to gay men, ONLY mean men. That just pisses me off.

I remember my best friend Mark, running up to me all proud that he contributed to breast cancer. Umm, I contribute to AIDS causes year in and year out. Do you see me running to him?

Homosexual men? I love you all, since I'm a fag hag in drag. HOWEVER, you make it really really really hard to like you sometimes. Goddamn it. You're marginalized. Why in the world would you want to marginalize another group and one that shares so much with you? Think about it the next time you write about AIDS. Think about it the next time you write about prejudice. Lesbians aren't ONLY Ellen, Martina, Mary Cheney, Melissa, Jodie, or Rosie. Really, there really are more than just a handful of us around.

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