Thursday, February 17, 2005

Rumsfeld's Responses - good enough for Congress & Public...

So I wonder if it's good enough for the IRS.

Let's see:

  • "I can't pay what I owe the IRS cause you get taxes from the citizenry you have, not the citizenry you might want or you wish to have in the future."
  • "How much do you owe?" "I am not going to give you an answer."
  • "Do you care to make a comment about why you're not paying the full amount?" "I don't"
  • "What about this report that shows you got paid $10 from a lotto ticket?" "I am not familiar with the ticket you're referring to."
  • "How long will your unemployment last?" "There's never been an unemployment that was predictable as to length, casualty or cost in the history of mankind."
  • Here's the doozy "Well, it looks as if you are trying to claim some long-term expenses crammed into this year's return, how do you explain that?" "Well, the matter is really BEYOND my pay grade." Okay, Rumsfeld is the friggin' SEC'Y OF DEFENSE! How much higher beyond his pay grade can you get? OH! Did he mean that it was a matter for Schwartznegger since Ah-nuld make millions a year as opposed to half a million?
  • "Can you give us an estimate as to how many companies you worked for this past year? " "I am not going to give you a number for it because it isn't my job to do intelligent work." Swear to Heck, Rummy said this.
Hey, if these responses are good enough for my government, I see no reason why they can't work for me.

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