Thursday, March 31, 2005

Get out the Grease

I'm working on a new database for work... one that I'm creating and I have only 24 days left to do it. I haven't created a new database now in about 7 years... and my brain is showing it.

I'm reading up on relationships there, single-criteria, multi-criteria, comparative and tho my eyes aren't crossing, my brain definitely has the feel of creaking gears.

The reason why I like programming? It's a philosophy of life that suits me well. I see the end result of what I want, and then figure a way to do it.

I have in my mind right now, this seamless program, that'll update automatically, fill in spots automatically. But before I can get my hands dirty on the actual work I have to have *some* inkling as to what I'm doing.

Plus, I do so love that moment of *lightbulb* when the picture in your head had been jigsaw pieces, and suddenly you understand what the picture was supposed to look like. I just had that but the problem with programming is, the lightbulb goes off and then when you take a look, you realize you had just illuminated more problems lol. I actually like that.

Anyway, I guess I'm working Monday now since I'm on this great hunt.

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