Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Nausicaa of the Wind

Huge huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki here and the movie I have been waiting since 1986 is finally finally out on DVD here.

Sure, there was a version put out in the late 80's but it had 20 minutes of animation cut out. If you look at that version, and the original version, you will find that all the subtlety to the characters, the the surroundings, to plot development were edited out. *sighs* No wonder Americans are not known for subtlety.

This is one of Mr. Miyazaki's earlier works but probably one with the longest reach. Tho you can still buy Totoro stuffed animals, Nausicaa has continued in manga form. That has been translated into English, I believe.

For those of you mommies with little girls, run and get this movie. The heroine is plucky, brave, and strong. I had a bad crush on her when I first saw the movie, well, actually I wanted to be her. (why is it all my heroes/heroines have mostly been fictional? I guess few real persons has been able to have the dedication to their ideals that I require for them to stand on a pedestal for me.)

Anyway, go rent this movie. And after your jaw drops and you wonder why Disney can't do this kind of work, go buy it.

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