Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Got another I Love It!!!!!

I love it when you buy a new product.... like say, the BIC Atlantis mechanical pencil and really enjoy using it. And you use it until the eraser runs out so you start looking for a replacement. After scouring the office supplies catalog for 15 minutes, squinting at the tiny print in there, you come to the conclusion, oh BIC doesn't make its own refills.

So you spend another 15 minutes scouring for something that'll let you know the size of the erasers since the erasers in the office was bought for another product and it doesn't fit. Then you try the office supply store and after 5 mins., they realize there is nothing in their product descriptions or anything that would give you any help. So you ask for the BIC helpline.

Now, suppose all this happened to you. You'd have thought that BIC could be helpful in the least couldn't you. After all, you're calling them to say, Hey, I've gone through so many pencils and I'm finally settling on this pencil for my pencil of choice! I want to continue to use it so please tell me how to get replacement erasers for my pencil.

However, in today's society, where the richer get richer and the poor say, "please, take my money with my pleasure, just make sure those nasty terrorists don't come after me"; where apparently people know Bush lied about the WMD, but it's okay cause look, we've got an East America now and access to oil that we know we're going to need cause we are all so in love with our hugeass road-hogging SUVs... In THIS society, it's perfectly okay to come out with a new product line with little support.

Microsoft, I blame you!

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