Tuesday, April 26, 2005

American Humor

Normally, I find King of Queens to be a pretty funny show. Leah Remini reminds us of my girl and of course I get Dougie.

However, the other day, they had an opening sequence that truly disgusted me.

Kevin James and Jerry Stiller were sitting around the dining table eating hamburgers. Mr. Stiller asked for "Cat-sup." Followed by mocking by Mr. James - which I didn't mind. But he crossed the line when he was insistent that Mr. Stiller call it "Ketchup" and ended up bullying Mr. Stiller into saying it that way by soaking the hamburger in red sauce.

How is that funny?

This side to America has always befuddled me. I don't get what is in the least bit amusing about forcing someone to do things your way, in the land of the free. I see irony. But I do not see humor.

There's a part of me that's starting to believe that the reason white people in the U.S. are getting larger and larger, is because there's an inherent belief that if you're big, no one will push you around and you can do the pushing. Because that's pretty much what America is becoming, a pushy neighbor that doesn't care that his dog is shitting in someone else's house.

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