Wednesday, April 20, 2005


In Dan Froomkin's article today, he talks about the WH briefings' inability to let people know where the questions are coming from due to time constraints.

Dan Dan Dan Dan Dan... *sigh*

You yourself googled Scotty (my middle name is Polly) McClellan's answers a couple of weeks back. And saw how each answer was a variation of others. SO!

Here is the solution to the WH's time constraints. Mix 'n Match answers! Since Scott McClellan's answers are all variations on a theme by Rovemaninoff, just give out answers at the bottom of the filing and then in conjunction with the questions, match the answer up. See?

It'll clarify who the questions came from, it'll give out the answers as Rove wanted them, it'll cut down on the transcription time, it'll probably free up McClellan's time, since he won't necessarily have to be AT the briefings to give out a good (as in parroting) answer, AND it'll let people know exactly how non-answers the answers actually are. Oh wait. That was it, wasn't it, you guys didn't want anyone to know that you don't answer questions.

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[Edited July 6, 2005]
So I click on the above link and guess what? The link leads to TODAY'S WH Briefing! *mutters* I WISH these papers would realize that links abound and that if there's linking to columns, that EACH COLUMN should have it's own link instead of to a dynamic one?


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