Wednesday, April 13, 2005

the G.I. Jane of Journalists.

Last night, in a desperate attempt to keep my mind off cigarettes, I put on G.I. Jane. Nothing like watching Demi Moore's hard body to keep the mind off stuff.

In watching the first part of the movie - the trials of the never-ending first day - a bolt of lightning struck. THIS is what that pretender journalist thinks he is - the G.I. Jane of Journalists!

First off, assuming Jim Guckert is gay, one must realize that G.I. Jane is also a perennial favorite of gay men, NOT because of Demi Moore's hard body (that the reason lesbos watch it) but because of Viggo Mortensen's come fuck me shorts.

Secondly, watch that part carefully. The MAIN question that is asked of Jordan, Demi's character, is HOW in the world did you get in here? I had to wait 4 years or something like that. Which is the question most posed to Mr. Guckert.

The bald head, the military fascination, the determination to see it through, the taking on politicians, the defiant attitude - it all makes sense now. Mr. Jim Guckert sees himself as the male equivalent of G.I. Jane.

BTW, if this man so disrespects the media and everything else in this on-going farce of his, why the hell are we accommodating his desire to be known as this other persona? Why the hell should we respect his wishes? Therefore, his pseudonym will never grace my blog ever again. He will be known by his real name, stripped of all pretensions.

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