Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Now I Know What It's Like to be WriterBoy

My boss is driving me nuts. For the past two weeks, he's been in the office. He has this habit of asking me to do something, and then when I'm halfway through the project, pull me back and change directions.

All this serves to do, is make me reluctant to put forth any energy in a project he gives me. My approach to projects is, figure out where all the kinks are, prevent them, then move ahead with fierce efficiency.

For example, he asked me to get rid of the old electronics in the office. "Find a recycler that picks up." So I searched for half an hour on the web, finally found one that won't cost us any money, find the details on how it's going to work, and get all the information needed to supply the recycler with what he needs (by crawling on my hands and knees to look at the surplus equipment). As I'm ready to send off this information, he asks another co-worker if he wants the stuff. So the co-worker lights up and says Yup, I'm a scavenger. Umm, why did I just waste 1/2 hours of my time? Why did I bruise up my knee?


Poor Writerboy. This must be what it felt like when we were working on Nobody. We would surge forward with a plotline, and then halfway through I'd go, it's not working... why isn't it working and we'd deconstruct everything.

No wonder he doesn't want to write with me any longer lol.

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