Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Torture and the American People

Once, when I was reading spy novels and Modesty Blaise, I read this fascinating account about how torture was used. They used a method that basically made one person the good guy and the rest of the people the bad. That way, the tortured will see that one person as the one that'll get him out of the mess.

I look around and see all this fear. Fear of homos, fear of the media incapable of telling the truth, fear of terrorists, fear of integration, fear of women's rights, fear of the judiciary, fear of muslims etc. and then I see the White House shining a beacon to the land saying, we're here, you can trust us. We were here for you on 9/11 and we'll be here for you when they're trying to take everything you hold valuable away.

No wonder the WH believes in torture. It's worked for them so far.

See, here's how it works. We are bound to the corporations by our credit. Meanwhile, there's a constant message towards us saying "You scared? You should be. And here's why." At the same time, there's a message saying "trust us" and it's coming from the White House. And since half the population bought it, and they're still scared of the boogeyman, perhaps that is why questioning the idiot in chief is seen as unpatriotic.

After all, their security blanket can't be seen as insecure, unsecured or not-a-cure.

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