Thursday, May 12, 2005

Getting Me to Agree to No Abortions

There's a way to get me to agree to make abortions illegal.

1) Make sure ALL businesses provide at least 6 weeks of pregnancy leave - paid.
2) Change adoption laws to make sure people of ALL persuasions get to adopt, ensuring all unwanted babies get a chance at a decent life.
3) Ensure that girls under the age of 21 (if they so choose) can have a place of support to stay at during their pregnancies (if their families are going to give them grief).
4) Real sex education to all kids.
5) Stop ooooh'ing every time anything sexual shows on screen, (Like Ms. Jackson's nipples) so that youngsters don't think of sex as SEX.
6) Ensure that the fathers of these unwanted kids have SOME responsibility.
7) Free gym pass for 2 years for any new mothers.

You people call it murder. I call it consideration.

EVERY woman I know that had an abortion, didn't rush into it. EVERY woman I know that had one, agonized and agonized over their decision. EVERY woman I know, looked far down the road to the future, and all they saw were obstructions and not just in their own lives, but that of the potential offspring and they opted for the more sensible route. Sensible in that they would've confined the child to a lifetime of scrambling. What parent hopes for that for a child?

So, unless you can come up with solutions that can avoid the pitfalls of having a child, that will have no social, financial or emotional repercussions YEARS DOWN THE LINE, I will never support the anti-abortion movement. Cause to me, you all are the selfish fuckers.

*Edited 5/17/05

Just read this editorial by E.J. Dionne on Thomas R. Suozzi. Suozzi basically stakes a position the same as mine, without the anger and bitterness - which is a good thing. What I'm saying here is, take care of the women and the children if you want to make abortion this evil thing, for abortion has been around since the dawn of time. It may not have been legal, but it most certainly was practiced.

The part I liked most was this quote from Suozzi:
"Women who choose abortion have their morality questioned. Women who choose to put a baby up for adoption have their maternal instincts questioned, and women who carry an unplanned pregnancy to full term when unmarried or financially insecure are often labeled irresponsible."

Remove these ostracizing labels and let's talk more.

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