Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Being Right Brings No Joy

Remember this time last year? I do. It was right about this time that I quit playing a game I was involved in for 4 years. Why? Because the creator of the game. Threshold-rpg and I got into major fights on the forums about politics.

I was adamant about there being no connections prior to our invasion, between Iraq and Al Qaeda. I was adamant about there being no WMDs. I was adamant about Ronald Reagan NOT being as sainted as the media made him out to be.

And equally as adamant, was the creator. Iraq were breeding terrorists. We gotta hurt them before they hurt us again. Reagan stopped the Cold War and ended communism.

Well, it turns out I'm right.

And Tom Ridge's confession about sounding terror alerts based on "flimsy" evidence is yet another argument I won.

But there is no joy.

See, you people who voted for Bush. Even as we made these accusations, most of us HOPED we were wrong. Because if we were right, the implications were terrifying. The implications were, we were being lied to, and most of us didn't care that there were untruths.

But I guess that is the sad truth, isn't it? As long as we have our pc's, our tv's, our internet, our ipods, our guns - who cares that the government is actively trying to make destitute our futures.

America - Land of the Stupified Zombies.

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