Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Moving and cross-referencing

Hi there

I know there's about 5 of you regularly checking in, tho you're awfully silent. I hope I've made you laugh or think or scream or something... :)

My lover and I decided to get a website together and thus we're blogging together. So, I'm now posting on Cholotto. We've also set up an indexing system there so I'll be slowly going through my old posts and filing them under the appropriate headings.

I might still post here. I love the title Distorted Dreams since it seems so apt for today's environment and, I've been a dreamer since I could name what dreaming was.

We worked on the site over the weekend and have set up a filing system on the new blog so if you want to find out about all my neuroses about my family per se, you'll be able to find all my posts in one place.

Oh, and we'll be throwing up some graphics up there as well. So instead of just words, you'll get words and pictures... what a concept. Hmm wonder if we can make books out of merging words and pictures... nah, no one wants to read. (sorry, old comics in-joke here)

Anyway, see you at the new spot!

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