Monday, August 30, 2004

Innovative Workplace

Just glanced through an article about Maverick: The Success Story behind the World's Most Unusual Workplace. I think I'm going to pick this book up over the weekend. One of the things the article said about this place of work is how you can roam from job to job within the company before deciding on what's the best fit for you.

Oh man, would that every company is like this. I long for the simplicity of being a toll-taker some days. Some days, I want challenges. Another innovation this company talked about is having come-back vouchers (my own terminology) from retirement. Say you retire from this company and decided retirement's too complacent for you. You could go back to work using these vouchers. (I think the concept is, you earmark $ for retirement. When you retire, you earmark some of these $ for possibility of going back to work. Basically you're paying yourself to work, but hey, work is work right? I may be wrong in my interpretation since I'm basing this on a loose reading of an article of a book I haven't read yet. So bear with me.)

I believe the basic human enjoys a good hard day's work, that there is satisfaction and joy that can be derived from it. However, I believe that we play up the concept of weekend too much. Therefore, in comparison, the work week looks drab, dreary by comparison. In order to avoid this trap, I look for jobs that can teach me something I never knew before. Therefore, I go to work on Mondays whistling, thinking I'm getting paid to learn. What suckers. (By the way, this is called the Ah-Q way of thinking. At least that's what my mother calls it. To put it bluntly, it's a dumb but happy Pollyanna viewpoint of things).

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