Thursday, August 19, 2004

Rudeness and a way to curb it

Received a call for my boss on my phone earlier... ours is one of those systems where you either know the party's extension, or you dial the directory, or you dial the operator. Guess who's the stand in for the operator?

So, the call went something like this.

Caller: umm... you there! (says name of boss)

Me: I'm sorry, but he's not in right now. (What I should've said was, umm no, I'm not him. I'm a woman, can't you tell?) I can put you through to his voice mail though.

Caller: Good! (in a tone that sounded like "Well! it's about time someone did their job," which one can readily guess, made me ever so eager to help him out)

Me: His extension is 202.

Caller: (hrmphs as a response).

Since we deal with lawyers here, I've NO doubt that was an attorney who called up. It's amazing to me the sheer arrogance of some attorneys out there.

I'm kicking myself right now cause I only thought of this after I hung up. However, I will start using the following as a lesson for rudeness.

  • Receive rude call.
  • Tell caller right extension
  • Transfer to wrong extension.
  • Wait.
  • If phone doesn't ring again, lesson learned.
  • If phone rings again, repeat extremely gratifying subversive maneuvers again.
  • If phone rings yet a third time, submit caller's name to powers that be, and hope for caller to be included in next year's Darwin Awards.

I can't wait for my next rude call now.

* * * * *

Minor observation: It's *REALLY* obvious that some people come from New York. I picked up my GF from the airport the other day and some people just screamed out "I'm from NY!" with their walk, their attitude, their mode of dress. OH! and New Yorkers, please don't read anything into the fact that this tidbit appears under a title of "Rudeness." (sheepish grin)

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