Thursday, August 26, 2004

Playing Telephone - a demonstration by the press

I love how journalists, the bastions of truth and facts, play telephone.

Here's how it goes: Dick Cheney gets asked how he feels in his heart about gay marriages. He answers, it's best left up to the states. Pretty plain and simple right? First off, he never really gives a solid answer. All he really says is America is a place of freedom, freedom for everyone. And that the states have been and should be the ones to determine whether marriage gets extended to us lesser folk. (yes, i'm queer.) (Another aside: man, if that's what's in his heart, I really feel bad for Lynne. I can just see the passionate dialogue between them now - Lynne: Dick, I love you. Dick: Lynne, well, from the definition under Section 9.28b, I can say with certainty that I "care" for you too. But under the definition under Section 13.2c, the emotion I feel falls under "love" so yes, Lynne, I love you too.

Here's the astounding thing. Everyone chimes in and interprets what is pretty much a straightforward non-answer. Conservatives see him as going against the policies of Bush, Liberals see him as playing the middle of the road.

FOLKS, GET WITH THE PROGRAM. DICK CHENEY SAID NOTHING! NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL. You're all getting pulled in by the flashing lights again. As a storyteller, I can tell you that Karl Rove is beside himself with glee right now. He is achieving the brass ring of story-tellers: he says jump and you all leap!

This is what we story-tellers call a red herring. A distraction so the audience will be surprised and not expecting the up-coming twist.

And what's the twist? Hell, I don't know. Karl Rove is the one spinning it.

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