Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Responsible, but not culpable

Interesting words, eh? I'm quoting General Paul Kern here, the appointing authority on the latest report on the Iranian prisoners and abuse.
"We did not find Sanchez culpable, but we did find him responsible for the things that happened," Kern said.
Unclear on the concept, I decided to enlist the help of our handy
cul·pa·ble ( P ) Pronunciation Key (klp-bl)
Deserving of blame or censure as being wrong, evil, improper, or injurious. See Synonyms at blameworthy.
Hmm... no mention of responsibility. Okay, so let me get the right. Sanchez is responsible, but he's not to blame. Okay. I'm still confused here. Let's now try the definition of blame.
blame ( P ) Pronunciation Key (blm)
tr.v. blamed, blam·ing, blames
To hold responsible.
To find fault with; censure.
To place responsibility for (something): blamed the crisis on poor planning.


So, not being culpable means he's not deserving of blame, that is, he's not deserving of being held responsible, YET he's responsible.

Hmmm... wonder if this will work with the IRS for me. "Yes, I'm responsible for filing my taxes, but I'm not culpable."

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