Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Name Dropping Inanity

HUGE HINT TO JOHN KERRY and his campaign!

Stop dropping John McCain's name! One - it TOTALLY *SMACKS* of ass-kissing. Two - it ALSO *SMACKS* of ass-kissing the other side (you are basically handing the 2008 election to McCain right now!). Three - it's REALLY OBVIOUS AS IN APPARENT AS IN SEE-THROUGH! Okay, I'm being redundant, but I was afraid they'd misinterpret what I was saying.

What you believe is happening: Moderates see the bi-partisanship and will flock to join you. Undecided Republicans might mistake your working relationship with McCain as friendship and use it as a strength-of-character point.

What is happening in REALITY: Democrats are wondering what the hell you're doing; questions get raised as to whether you can do it on your own (or with Edwards) and whether you need McCain; swing-votes see you as the guy in McCain's wake trying to use his breaking down of the wind to propell yourself easier through. (It's a phenom in Bicycle racing... i don't know what the term is) AND we hear John McCain saying "Friend? He's a good colleague"

Look, John McCain ISN'T that nice. If he was, he wouldn't be in politics cause the rule in politics is, every man for himself. John is NOT going to help you to the presidency. John LIKES the position he's in, with both candidates seeming to clamor for his approval. Let Bush show how weak he is, that he needs John's pull to the middle. John is building a highway to the future and it doesn't include you OR Bush. Every time you or your campaign use John McCain's name, it makes us wince. So stop it! It'll only help you out. Cause you know what we see? We see John next to Bush. Not you.

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