Thursday, September 16, 2004

No Need to Shout...

.... as evidenced by this article. Words to reflect on.

Another Washington Post commentary (by Richard Cohen) declares that he is neither blue nor red, but a fine shade of purple. (Being a child of the late 70's early 80's, purple ALWAYS makes me think of Michael Jackson's glove and Prince). He says the vitriol of Anti-Bush people turns him red, though Bush's policies turn him blue.

He tells of how a European Jew speaks likens these times to pre WWII times and how that's just way over the top for him and it's alarmist speak.

hmm .... what might bring some of us Bush haters to that brink... that we might liken these times to pre-WW II times? Let's see, we went, against world opinion, into a country that wasn't directly menacing us, all in the ideology of pre-emptiveness. We engaged in detaining people without official word to anyone in charge. We engaged in torturing prisoners. The Administration lies to us on a daily basis - today's example is Bush saying he's pushed through legislature that will increase benefits for the National Guard. Whoops, another lie. All those secrets at the top like Bush/Cheney refusing to go on record about 9/11.

No, I don't think our Mushbrain-in-Chief wants to wipe out an entire race. No, I don't think he wants to engineer a super-race. No, I don't think he's crazy or psychotic.

What I do think, is that he's a snakeskin oilman, used as the p.r./hitman for corporations to extend into previously unfriendly countries. He does NOT care about the common folk, the poor, the middle class. What he cares about is his image, that he will go down in History as better than his father or his brother, that he is seen as the average Joe turned President who will take no flack from anyone (Remember that Robert Conrad commercial with him putting that battery on his shoulder and daring the audience to knock it off? That's basically what Bush does.). And this last image, is why he's winning white males.

Those of us, who'd rather be associated with the Huck Finns, the Peter Parkers.... oh shit.. that's it. John Kerry needs to be Peter Parker. That's the image he should be selling... versus the Ah-nold image that Bush is selling.

Anyway, I'm rambling too much now. I've invited writerboy to join in this mess of a blog. You'll enjoy the ensuing insults. Stay tuned for more!

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