Thursday, September 16, 2004

Punching Back

"We are punching back" says John Kerry.

Well, good for you, Senator. However, can I just point out something to you? See, though you have sharp metal objects imbedded in your body, though you have actually had bullets zing through the air at you, you're perceived by the American public ... the masses as a wimp. (Yes, it rubs me the wrong way too, that this meathead in the White House who is proud that he's an average student, who shirked a tour of duty, not for any ideals, but because it got in the way of his partying is being portrayed as "tough".)

Why? Believe it or not, it's cause he's got a scowl. (Note: Jon Gruden is known for being a tough guy too... not cause he can yell into football players' faces, but cause he's got that great Chucky scowl.) And you don't, Senator Kerry. And then you go around saying things like "We're punching back."

Forget the gentleman's way... Punching back in America isn't seen as honorable (cause you held back). It's seen as being too afraid to stand up for yourself until it's too late. And that's what America is scared of. That you will hold back until it's too late. Until another twin towers lie in rubble.

See, what America thinks it sees, in our not-so-beloved meathead in the White House, is someone who won't wait until it's too late.

By the way, punch back. And punch back a little under the belt. But just don't say or tell us you're punching back. You're assuming that one, we can't tell (and what does that say about us - that we're blind? or what does that say about you - that you punch so lightly that we can't tell?) and two, that we need to be told. No. (Ask any creative writing teacher - showing is *MUCH* more powerful than telling. Hell, ask Karl Rove.... why do you think all those pictures are on covers of Time and Newsweek showing a scowling pea-brain?).

Oh, and smile when you punch back. It's good imagery.

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