Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Excruciating Wait

I hate waiting. I've the most extreme patience DURING... but I've the worst patience when it comes to waiting to start. No no... trust me. It's true.

Examples of patience during - I will sit and untie fishing line knots. I will sit and untangle cheap jewelry chains. I will sit and methodically try out every combination possible to open a friggin safe in a RP game. I will reduce my enemies on Civilization down one by one, until each nation has one city left OR one nation is left with one city that's a square big. (Okay okay, I can see some of you mouthing the word "Anal" but I prefer to think of it as patience, okay?)

However, this... this is driving me nuts. I want to work on this story but because I'm honor-bound not to start until November 1st, I'm sitting on my hands. Well, actually, my hands are going to be gripping a controller cause we just got GTA: San Andreas. So, hopefully this new world I'm about to immerse myself will be just as fun and exciting as the world I'm about to create. Well, at least until November 1st.

Oh. Some of you may be wondering why I haven't bothered to post about the upcoming elections. I feel that most everything has been said by one pundit or another. And I think Jon Stewart spoke for a lot of us.

And I'm really grateful to NaMoWriMo and whoever else is responsible. I know the timing wasn't yours to decide, but man, thank you that I only have to obsess over the elections for two days and not be divided in my attentions for the rest of November.

And yes, the world does revolve around me. :)

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