Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I remember reading the Phantom Tollbooth and about mathemagicians. I thought what a great name for the sleight of mind tricks that they can pull.

Well, the more I read of what is going on in Washington the more I think the name Politician is a misnomer.

Rather, it should be Polimagicians. And Karl Rove the king. I mean, after all what but a polimagician can still convince a majority of the populace that Al Quaeda was in Iraq, that Cheney might not have fond feelings and actions towards Halliburton, a job that gave him title, money and prestige at a time when he had little of all three. What other than a polimagician can convince average people that $500 in your pocket from a tax return is worth more than after school programs?

Fear not people, for the Polimagicians have your ease of mind. What they do is show you very very scary pictures of towel-heads, of gays holding hands and *gasp* kissing, of kids smoking dope, of someone burning a flag. Did your hearts gallop with fear? Then they show you a picture of a polimagician and take away the scary pictures. Did your hearts slow down? Guess what? You have just experience the awesome spectacle of the Polimagician. And the grand thing about it? You never knew you were being misdirected.

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