Friday, October 29, 2004

Poor, no insurance, out of work, but don't let those gays near me

<Very very very disturbing.

I read today that black support for Bush has increased to 18%. How???? I screamed at my screen. How could it be that one of the largest group to be dissed by the president as in Hey, you get $200 back for your tax returns, isn't that great? Oh, btw sorry that you lost your job, your kids have no afterschool programs so it's that much harder for you to get a job, and no insurance so that interview you set up two weeks ago you can't go to cause Johnny still has his flu from two weeks ago. But hey! Don't worry, I'm going to make sure that no-good homo down the street can't marry his latino boyfriend.

Seems that black preachers are going on and on about this and it seems that blacks are buying into this.

WOW, just wow. You know, this is empowering me a tad? I never knew I could evoke such fears in the hearts of men and women. I wonder if I flashed a wedding ring around around Oakland, I can get people to give me their cars, their houses. After all, it's the EQUIVALENT OF VOTING FOR BUSH!!!!

Let me get this right. You are so afraid that I might marry my lover, that you are willing to TAKE IT UP THE ASS from the president? I'm sorry, but that's rather ironic isn't it. Think about it.

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At 12:54 PM, Blogger bratworse said...

You know... If you flashed a wedding ring around Oakland...

1.) How are they going to know the owner of the matching band is of the same sex?

2.) You're in OAKLAND...


3.) The support has probably increased because they're no longer the ones being discriminated against... No, now it's the GAYS!!!! AHHH!!!! The Gays are coming!!!!


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