Friday, October 29, 2004

A Golden Apple Tarnished...

by the death of its creator, Bill Liebowitz. I just found out about his death and informed Writerboy.

Both of us are really saddened by this news. I first met Bill when I worked for the distribution side of Pacific Comics. His store, Golden Apple was THE comic store people in the biz recommended to their non-comics friends. Bill was one of the first retailers to recognize the appeal of cross-marketing. And with that insight, he made his store into a recognizable icon. I remember watching Melrose Place, just to see if they would show a shot of Golden Apple.

One of the last times I saw Bill was at a San Diego Comicon. Writerboy and I were outside the convention hall smoking, when he busted out laughing. I looked down the street in time to see a huffing yet elated guy successfully weaving a Trishaw (or bicycle peddlers) into a parking space. Sitting behind the sweaty man, were Bill and Sharon Liebowitz. As they clambered out of the Trishaw, Writerboy and I walked up to them laughing and asked how was the ride. Bill, knowing we meant "how the hell did you two talk this poor guy on this harrowing trip" (Let's just say both Bill and Sharon were not umm averaged sized) just laughed at us declaring "He insisted!" before disappearing into the convention hall.

Bill, Rest in Peace and know that YOUR efforts have helped bring comic books to be where it is today - a constant source of creative ideas for others. And by the way? Thank you for carrying Nobody. It was through Golden Apple that we got our first option on it. You are missed.

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