Friday, February 18, 2005

Noticed this article in E & P about Scott McClellan and looks like no one's posted about it yet.

Notice this part: "He faxed a letter in on his [GOPUSA] letterhead, they checked that it was a Web site he worked for," McClellan explained, referring to his staffers who handled such credentialing at the time. "There was a check to make sure it was a news organization and a news Web site. There was a determination made at that point [that it was legitimate]."

And then notice this part: He said he currently has a staff of 12, only one of whom handles the 20 to 25 daily press passes issued each day.

Only 20-25? I think it's due to this volume that they see no reason to change. I still think that it should be suggested that every fan-boy and fan-girl of GWB be putting up a website and inundating them with requests to present a favorable view of the POTUS.

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