Wednesday, April 27, 2005

West Wing

She put on West Wing last night, just as background noise while we played. But as always, I got caught up in Aaron Sorkin's writing. Yes, this was one of the reruns showing on Bravo.

I still haven't been able to see any episode since Aaron Sorkin left. People keep telling me to give it a try (because I was the one who passionately persuaded them to watch West Wing in the first place) and I just can't. After all, Aaron Sorkin was God to me.

Last night's episode was the one where Ainsley Hayes joined the cast. I LOVED that character, republican tho she was. And it was the one of the few episodes I felt that Mr. Sorkin cheated.

The other story running with this one (aside from C.J. being paranoid about going to jail) was about an African leader who was begging for drugs to combat Aids in his country. Remember?

Here's my complaint. The whole payoff for the African leader story was to show Ainsley why she should work for the White House. I was a tad upset when I realized this. But as a creator myself, I'm not sure I could've done better. He had to show Ainsley that she really did want to work there. He had to conclude the African leader storyline. As a creator, I could see the attractiveness of tying the two together.

Why do I say he cheated? It was almost too... too easy. I mean it would've worked if the emotional payoff was really high. Then the easy route would've been forgiven. The other thing that happened was my editor voice kept cropping up during the last scenes, like hmm, why did they leave the door open? How in the world could Ainsley just witness something like that in the Oval Office and yes I know she was in Leo's office but COME ON!

Anyway, I just had to share the first inkling I had that my God had feet of clay. Aaron, I'm still a true believer. I just think you ran out of time and took the easy way out here.

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