Monday, September 20, 2004

Modern Heroism

This past weekend, I had a chance to witness heroism of such magnitude, it simply took my breath away.

Not only was the heroism just awe-inspiring, it was done with a shrug, an attitude of "aw shucks, ain't nothin' to it" that just lent the act an air of non-chalance. I was blown away.

What happened:

Writerboy and his wife went with us to go see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (for delicious eye candy, go see this. Just don't expect too much from the story or characters. Expect fun, spectacular visuals and expect the fun to go up exponentially when Ms. Jolie graces us, and the fun to plummet after her presence is gone.) (Another aside... I am soooo mad at Writerboy for NOT telling me his inside joke prior to the movie. It would've added *SO* much to enjoying the movie.)

His wife went in to get us seats and after we got our snacks, my girl and I watched incredulously as Writerboy veered off. My mouth fell open more and more as I witnessed my friend sprinkle salt over his popcorn (a fairly normal act), then spread open a paper napkin (not usually an action following the salting), and sprinkling salt on the napkin (In my eyes, a most unusual act).

My lover and I looked at each other, looked back at him, then looked at each other, howling with laughter.

The mocking ensued.

"So, you planning on eating that? I heard napkins in the year 2004 were a good crop."
"Umm.... is that a new tradition of movie-going?"
"Oh, you missed some"

"Don't forget to throw some over your left shoulder."

Finally, we remembered to ask "why are you doing that?" With a shrug, Writerboy explained as patiently as he could to dunces, "The salt doesn't reach the popcorn on the bottom. It's for later."

Faced with this daunting logic, I shot back weakly "You must've been a boy scout at one point." yet thinking in my mind, now why the hell is *that* an insult?

We enjoyed the previews, and just as the movie started, I leaned forward to tell Writerboy something (my girl was between us) and witnessed his wife asking for the napkin.

Lightning struck. With sudden and fierce illumination, I realized Writerboy prepared the napkin for his wife, for love. And I was blown away by the heroism.

Kudos, Writerboy.

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