Thursday, April 28, 2005

Writerboy to the Rescue!

About 5 years ago, I got burnt out. I had worked in a vacuum, pouring my heart and soul into representing artists and the vacuum got to me.

I opted out, made changes in my life and chose a life of non-ambition for the rest of my life (subject to change of course).

However, recently, the side of me that I see in my head as the "Ethel Merman" side of me as in "There's NO business like SHOW business like NO business I know." that side of me has been clamoring for some attention. ANY attention.

To quell it, I did a really truly dumb thing. I googled some friends/acquaintances names. SO! Here's what I found out - a childhood pal is now the executive producer of MTV Asia; a woman I almost dated directed the Wild Thornberries; an ex-client whom I had always told would have his career be a feast or famine type career is going through a feasting right now; another ex-client is being showcased as a guest of the Comic-con.

My self-esteem plunged. My self-hatred roared back to life.

I im'ed WriterBoy, talk to me please. I need help.

[fanfare please]

Here he comes to save the day! Writerboy asks me what would I choose to do if I had a random 4 hours. I said besides play games and smoke? I guess Innovate. He said, play games and smoke, right? So, if you were one of those people, a director, a producer, would you have time to do that?

He's absolutely right. I deliberately chose a life of simplicity. A job that I don't take home with me, a life of games shared by a partner who loves games as much as I do, a life of few obligations. And honestly? I love it when people are jealous of my lifestyle. And people are.

I don't want the lifestyle of the famous. I just want the notoriety. Writerboy knows that I was notorious within the comic book industry. I just miss that. So much thanks Writerboy, for reminding me that I chose my life and that I wanted it.

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